Past Masters Players 

 This page has been created to remember and honour those VMSA players who have passed on.

Listed below are the names of deceased VMSA players that we are aware of.

If we have missed anyone, please feel free to let us know by sending an email to our Secretary at [email protected]

First Name Surname
John Broadway
Josie Cahill
Jan Costin
Brian Cox
Ron Crosby
Cors De Lange
Garnett Farrell
Wayne Fitzpatrick
Alby Francis
Maxine Francis
Brenda Gaskell
Rob Gay
Roy Gilbert
Judith Goadby
Ron Gray
Don Groom
Jacki Gunn
Allan Hennessy
Ken Hodgetts
Vic Hunt
Kaye Kay
Daryl Lacey
Graham Lewis
Peter Lont
Linda  Mackill
Brian Maroney
John Moline
Steve Powell
Ron Powell
Roger Regan
Ted Regan
Frank Ryan
Tony Sizmur
Helene Solley
Ray Smith
Bill Tepper
Ian Tepper
Ivan Troha
Bruce Turner
Rod Turner
Merv  Williams
Colin Williams
Liz Winter

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