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The Victorian Masters Squash Association was founded in 1980. The reason for its formation was to cater for players both male and female 35 yearrs and older to play in a separate competition. Too often, older players found it too difficult to compete against much younger and fitter players. They still wanted to enjoy playing squash but at a more sociable and still competitive level. Since that time, Masters has grown into a strong association and continues to host its own pennant competition. The minimum age for women was lowered to 30 years of age to allow for more participation in pennant and at Masters tournaments. However to be eligible to compete at State, National and World Titles the minimum age requirement for men and women is still 35 years of age.   


The Masters Philosophy

The Victorian Masters Squash Association (VMSA) was established in 1980 to encourage  men and women age 35 years and over to play Masters Pennant  and Tournaments. Aimed specifically for those who still loved playing squash and socialising but were finding it harder to do so against the younger competitors who generally wanted to play and go or stay for supper but not provide a sufficient one.  A few years after the VMSA was established it reduced the playing age for Women to 30 years and over in Pennant and Tournaments only. The qualifying age for tournaments such as the Victorian, Australian and World titles remains 35 years and over for both men and women.

The VMSA continues to run its own Pennant competition and Tournaments  based on the ‘Masters Philosophy’ established over 30 years ago


So, if you have recently “retired” from playing, haven’t played for a while and would like to do so again, or are just a beginner who also enjoys the social aspect of squash – why not come along and try the Masters approach. All you need is your racquet and some enthusiasm to compete whilst having a good time with good company.

The VMSA prides itself on its ability to provide a friendly, competitive way to play squash. You can be as competitive as you want as long as you play with good humour and commitment for the enjoyment of the game and of everyone present. This is what is known as “the Masters Spirit”

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