Pennant Update - COVID-19 


Update June 2020

Hello my friends in the VMSA and all squash enthusiasts. As we remain in isolation and try to remain fit and healthy, I thought I would send you my well wishes and provide an update to members on the current situation regarding Masters squash.


Whilst a state of emergency remains in place in Victoria it is unclear as to when we may be back playing Pennant or conducting tournaments any time soon. It appears some easing of restrictions may occur on the 22nd June which may allow sport to resume but probably only in small numbers and at a level which would not allow pennant to resume nor tournaments to be conducted.  At best, it appears there is a chance we can all get back into club in-house practice with limited numbers but little chance for socialisation after that. If this is the case, at least our court proprietors will gain some benefit from a re-opening which should be supported wholeheartedly by all of us. We need them to remain viable and operating as many closures have hurt our sport immensely and we need to get back practicing and playing.  


If this slow easing does occur and we are allowed to practice, the VMSA is hopeful the next step will be a full return to competition. It is our intention to continue the current pennant season which ceased after round 6. Taking into account - finals, there is 12 weeks of pennant to complete the Autumn season so that still gives us enough time to return to play around the last week of August or the first week of September. Obviously, this is a big if. But we have to remain optimistic and set a programme for the future. If the risks remain too great and as an association we feel we should not proceed with Pennant in 2020 then we will make a call on the season and look to start afresh in 2021.


We could never have foreseen the circumstances we are confronting and the changes to our lives this virus has caused. I remain very hopeful, squash like any other sport will endure and we can return to active participation and socialization which brings us all together in a good way. I very much look forward to catching up with everyone as soon as possible. If the restrictions are released and we can return to active competition, I really hope everyone will continue to support the VMSA and its pennant competition as well as the tournaments we conduct. This is our 40th anniversary as an association. I would love to see the Grays - Ballarat Tournament in November supported by everyone and celebrated like no other should we be able to break free of the circumstances we are currently experiencing.


Love to all of you and please stay safe and well.


Lou Morsch – your Prez.          



Update 13 April 2020


The VMSA wish to provide you with a further update on the current situation and the VMSA Autumn Pennant season.
After round 6 a 4 week postponement of pennant was imposed.
The Victorian Government has now announced a State of Emergency which we expect will continue to at least the end of May. Therefore, Autumn Pennant remains on hold for the same length of time.
The VMSA Match and Pennant Committee are considering a couple of options regarding pennant play. Our preferred option for now is to keep the current Autumn season alive and continue the Pennant season where it left off as soon as the bans imposed in Victoria are lifted. There will still be a mid- season review after round 7 if this is the case and requests for team changes will be allowed.  
With this in mind, there are still 9 rounds of the season to complete plus 3 weeks of finals.
The VMSA urges all squashies to support squash centres and their business owners like never before by doing your best to drink the bar dry every Thursday on resumption and keep the cash flowing in to their stressed businesses.

 I’m amused to learn how some of our Masters players can still find novel ways to stay in touch with their team mates and continue the tradition of socialising and sharing a drink on Thursdays.
Please stay safe and well and support one another to get through this difficult period.  
Your Prez
Lou Morsch


Update 16 March 2020


The VMSA wish to announce the postponement of pennant squash only for a period of 4 weeks effective immediately. The postponement effects matches from round 7 to round 10 and then follows a one week break for Easter.

Due to the situation we find ourselves in regarding Corona virus,  a further decision on the continuation of Autumn pennant season will be made known as soon as possible taking into account circumstances as they evolve.

The VMSA wishes to express its concerns and well wishes to all squashies at this time. Stay safe and well

Lou Morsch



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